8 Things We Can’t Even Handle In Music News

8 Things We Can’t Even Handle In Music News

by Atlanta editors

1) Azealia Banks being real as f@$k and going off on respectability politics, white media, the system, and sell-out artists... wishing death spells on cops…giving us book recommendations. Oh, and making dope ass music.

Check out the book she recommends here. And if you somehow haven’t heard the new album yet, you’ve missed out on what could have been 2 incredible months, but instead were maybe just ok.

2) This song by Language Arts Crew that weaves in quotes from American Beauty and Office Space between some versus to say “F%@k Work.” Best lyrics at 2:01.

Language Arts Crew- “9 to 5”


3) Houston actually has a day called “Drake Day.” We’re not joking. How the hell did we just hear about this??

4) Modest Mouse is coming out with a new album…and it’s rumored that it will involve Big Boi.

Anthem for our times? Maybe a stretch, but whatever. Still stoked. Here’s a preview.

Modest Mouse- “Lampshades on Fire”

5) The last episode of Black Dynamite, “Wizard of Watts,” tackled police brutality and included voice overs from Erykah Badu, Tyler the Creator, and Chance the Rapper.

Be warned, this one aint for the kids. If you haven’t heard of the show, you can read up on it here. And if you’re like “WTF is this?” you can read up on blacksploitation here. Here’s the trailer:

6) Jungle Pussy. Not just a name you’ve been secretly wishing your partner will start calling your unkempt coochie, but a fierce ass rapper from Brooklyn that makes us feel BOSS.


7) Everything SZA. We are so lost in her.

SZA rockin’ the seemingly unrockable.



8. Kendrick has been our boi for a while. Greatest Rapper alive, and maybe the greatest heart. And although our hearts were a little raw after his thoughts on Ferguson, he found a way to sweep us off our feet again.