Threshold: A Project of Investigation

Threshold: A Project of Investigation

2011. In the midst of a global economic crisis, uprisings and protests seemed to echo around the world– Cairo, Athens, New York City– spreading like a wildfire that none of us predicted. Everywhere we turned, misery was matched with rebellion. Here in the South, even, people were taking over public spaces, taunting and evading police, defending shelters– feeling power. We anxiously chased each issue, from gentrification to police brutality, hoping to discover accomplices who were seeking more than reform work. We didn’t want to lecture the cops, or fix the electoral process, or punish Wall Street. We wanted to change everything.

In order to change the world, we must first understand it. We founded Threshold Magazine primarily as a project of investigation. We seek to conduct serious investigations of potential sites of revolutionary opening in the US– such as Jackson, Mississippi or the Rio Grande Valley– with an eye towards the movement of capital, social relations between and within different layers of the people, cultural questions, and sites of resistance. There is no blueprint for the kind of collective, intentional investigation that we hope to develop. Because of that, our project is experimental in nature.

Our framework is different from self-referential academia. We’re for knowing the world in order to change it. The ivory tower is not our home– nor is it the only home of inquiry. We aim to break up the university’s monopoly of knowledge.

We also hope to use Threshold to engage with people in new ways. On our site, you will find cultural pieces, such as “8 Things in Music News” or “Moving Weighted,” which present cultural analysis on popular topics. Be it music, art, messaging, or cultural commentary, we are always seeking new avenues of engagement and expression. As we continue to fight for revolutionary transformation, we can’t let the cultural slip away, particularly into the hands of the identity politicians, who float away from a material grounding forever into backwards notions and defeatist ideas.

We believe the South will play an important role in any revolutionary movement in the US. And Threshold is just one avenue from which we can begin to build an infrastructure for resistance.

We hope to expand the quantity of participants and quality of work for the next edition. We’re looking for photographers, researchers, artists, poets, graphic designers, aspiring journalists, and curious minds. If you’re interested in getting involved or hearing more about the project, contact us.