Meet The Regal People

Meet The Regal People

What do you get when you mix Southern politics, global perspectives, fashion and music? You get The Regal People, a collective out of Houston, Texas. They just dropped their first EP,  Afrogalactic, and their Fall 2015 fashion line, found here.

from the crew:

Afrogalactik was our first attempt at making a Hip Hop album from scratch. We didn’t really plan on doing it to be honest,  we were inspired by a lot of different influences throughout our life that we tried to explain musically. Over the past few years, we have been politicized with our individual experiences and our experiences that we have shared. The Black Lives Matter Movement has definitely been a big influence on us artistically. It has forced us to put what we feel about the oppression of Black Folk Globally into everything we create. It has also shown us how different forms of music from Hip Hop and House/Vogue to Tropical/Reggae and Afrobeat can be a way to move people to action.

We moved to Houston in the summer of 2014 and were driving through the deep south to Houston from Washington DC when Mike Brown was assassinated. It was definitely a pivotal moment for us, because on the East Coast Racialized Oppression to us is very covert, as in people think that just because they have a Black partner or took an African Studies class they can’t be racist. In the South it is different in the fact that people acknowledge that they have personal bias but don’t really care if it offends you or not. For us, coming of age in adulthood, it really showed us that there is no escaping heteronormative White Supremacy. The South has a rich tradition of fighting against the State which is usually overshadowed and this has had a big impact on us, especially living in Houston. We really believe that the Universe put us in Houston to be influenced by the Hip Hop culture of screw music and the current fight against State sanctioned killings with the group Out of the Flames of Ferguson. Afrogalactik is a mixture of all these local experiences with a global perspective. Politics is like the moon and our music is like water. Although it might seem like they are not connected to some, we know that the Moon as well as politics dictate our lives on a daily basis.    

– The Regal People


Check out “Find Your Voice” by The Regal People off their EP Afrogalactic

Written and produced by Elle Maxwell and vOoDoO