From the Editorial Board

From the Editorial Board

Welcome to Volume II. The Transition Volume.

The world is constantly changing. Far from a desire to adapt, our desire is to understand these changes, and to distinguish progress from false promises or regression in hopes that we can forge new ways forward.

Here’s what we’ve gotten so far:

All of the Cities articles rely on the history of the city to understand the recent transitions taking place. The authors try to ground their understanding of decay and reproduction of the city in the midst of dizzying transformations.

“Beyond the Riot” analyzes the recent movement around police brutality and Black Lives Matter and proposes a way to move the fight forward. “Tragic and Full of Revolutionary Hope” juxtaposes white Jesus with liberation theology and calls for reforms within the Christian church. “The Melon Strolling on Two Tendrils” discusses the continuing attacks on women’s body autonomy in the context of shrinking social services and expanding workloads.

In “Interview with the Artist: Cunabula” one of our editors sits down with the artist behind a controversial multi-media art project about menstruation and discusses the reception of her work. (Spoiler Alert: not everyone is as into it as we are.) Finally, in our short pop culture piece we shed light on a small shift within pop culture towards actually engaging with the things we care about.

We will stagger the release of articles throughout the week to allow room for our readers to read, discuss, and engage.

We hope you find this volume equal parts pleasing and upsetting, as much of our world is. Finally, we hope that you engage with us. Speak to us about what we can do, how you can help us do it, and what world you are fighting for.

With much love,

Fellow Dreamers (the Editorial Board)