#3everyday: Powerful performance art from an Atlanta artist

#3everyday: Powerful performance art from an Atlanta artist

by Jessica Caldas

#3everyday was a Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Awareness month performance project completed in October 2015. This project was based on the primary statistic that three women die every day from domestic violence. The work consisted of a daily three woman performance piece based on the movements of women preparing to leave their homes, with other statistics and information built into the movement of the piece. Performances were held daily at varying locations throughout the city of Atlanta. Performances were meant to engage audiences more deeply with domestic violence prevention, awareness, and education.

Something unexpected, was the way the community I have around me rose up to help complete it. I needed at least two extra bodies everyday and more than 30 men and women helped fill those spaces, document, and help keep each other safe. I met some incredible folks through the process who I am now collaborating with and the conversations I had after so many of the performances were so incredible and right on point with my goal-which was to open up space and dialogue around domestic violence, point folks towards resources, and answer questions/correct myths.

More documentation on my site, here: http://jessicacaldas.com/3everyday/

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